Better data. Better crops. 

Arable measures field-level weather and crop health, delivering real-time, actionable insights from your field to the palm of your hand - all for one low monthly price.

Only $69/month.

Try it now with a risk-free 90 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.


How is Arable better than what's come before?

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A Decision Tool for Growers.

•  Reduce water costs by managing crop water balance and soil moisture

•  Maximize input efficiency by identifying ideal spray windows

•  Manage weather-related risks, such as heat spikes and frost events, with real-time alerts.

Optimize management decisions such as labor planning and harvest timing.

Forecast yield & quality with greater accuracy.

•  Increase productivity and decrease input costs by understanding real-time crop growth and weather directly in the canopy.



See how infield weather and crop insights help growers reduce inputs by up to 50%.  Contact a Netafim dealer to learn more today.


Simple, durable hardware.

•  Installs in minutes, deploys with the press the press of a button, and completely maintenance-free. 

•  Solar-powered with high efficiency battery. 

•  Extended cellular LTE-M & 2G coverage for expanded connectivity.

•  IP67 & nano-coated to withstand extreme temps and harsh environments.




All your data in one place.

•  View all your data in one place with a user-friendly web platform, mobile app, and integrable API.

• Seamlessly integrate with auxiliary sensors to pull in soil, wind, and water flow data for a 360° view of field conditions.

•  Future integration with Netafim's NetBeat Crop Models.

Read more about the Arable-Netafim partnership here.

Measurements that matter.

•  The only device on the market to collect and synthesize weather & plant measurements.

•  Machine learning algorithm for continuous improvement and reliability of data accuracy.

•  Extensive calibration and validation network across over 30 global research institutions.



Download the whitepaper to learn how Arable's Cal/Val network and use of machine learning enables best-in-class data accuracy.

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"We have examined dozens of new technologies and found that Arable brings unique capabilities that will result in high value for farmers and has a significant track record with a wide install base. This is exactly what we are looking for when choosing our partners." 
 -Guy Leventon, VP of Digital Farming at Netafim

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